Lisa Childs Munoz

I am celebrating 11 years of being cancer free!

I was a 35 year old wife and mother of a 2 year old daughter, who had just embarked upon a new career path by beginning Aesthetics school, when my symptoms began.

Six months later, after many diagnostic tests, I was told over the phone that I had cervical cancer. I was at home with my daughter that day and my husband was at work. It was absolutely devastating news and shook me to the core.

First, I called my husband, then my mom, and finally I just cried until there were no more tears left to cry. My first thoughts were that my daughter would grow up without a mother, my husband would have to raise our daughter alone, and that I would never be able to have more children.

I was so angry with that first doctor for delivering such life-changing news over the phone. Thankfully, my mom was both a cancer survivor and a radiation oncology nurse. She introduced me to three absolutely incredible doctors that helped me in my journey to beat cancer.

I had radiation and chemotherapy concurrently and then a radical hysterectomy several months later.

I devoted 6 months of my life to fighting cancer so that I could be the wife, mother, and Aesthetician I had dreamed of being.

The radiation, chemo, surgery, and probably most importantly, my positive attitude, helped me beat that nasty cancer!