Mary’s Cards: Inspiring Hope

In a poem that she left for her family, Mary Barnett asked that her legacy live on through acts of kindness.  Will you help us honor this request by making cards of inspiration, encouragement, and hope. 

One of BSNCF’s most successful outreach projects has been delivering Smile Kits to female patients battling cancer funded by donations.  These Smile Kits include soothing comfort items along with handmade cards and letters of encouragement intended to make the patient smile.

Living with cancer and enduring treatment are tough on the patient.  Loved ones fight their own battles.  There are ups and downs.  There are good days and bad days.  What makes a difference in these difficult times is an unexpected act of kindness that brings a smile to the patient’s face.  Heartfelt expressions of gratitude can help cancer patients feel loved and can uplift their spirits.  

We are seeking individuals, groups, and do-gooders to create cards or write letters of hope for those battling cancer which will be included in Smile Kits for female cancer patients.  This is a wonderful project for a school, classroom, scout troop or service organization, or family.  

To create cards:

Gather your supplies!  You can design a card using simply crayons and paper, or you may choose to use card stock, stickers, stamps, and other embellishments.   It’s entirely up to you!   In your card, select cheerful phrases like:  “Sending smiles across the miles,” “Your smile makes me smile,” and “Let your smile change the world.”  Include butterflies, smiley faces, and other symbols of happiness.

To write letters:

Start your letter by using the salutation “Dear Cancer Warrior.”   In the body of your letter, express what you do to lift yourself up when you are feeling down.  You may choose to show empathy and encouragement based on your own personal experience.  You could also make a promise to do something specific in that person’s honor to spread awareness and kindness through action.  End the letter by signing your name or initials and include your city and state.  It’s fun for the patient to see that they are receiving support from miles away.  

Send your letters or cards in one package to:


The Barnett-Searing National Cancer Foundation
4094 Majestic Lane #101
Fairfax, VA 22033


Envelopes are optional but if you choose to include them, please leave them unsealed. Include your email and contact information so that we can keep in touch and let you know where your letters and/or cards were sent.

Send photos of you writing your letters to, post them on Facebook and Instagram, and tag us!  If you’d like to make an additional donation to help fund our mission, you can do that here.  Your gift is tax deductible as BSNCF is a 501(c)3.

Questions?  Email