It's the 21st Year of BSNCF, and we are celebrating our birthday!  Instead of asking for gifts this year for your birthday, why not consider asking for donations for women with cancer or create a team for the Virtual BSNCF Run/Walk?  Maybe you would like to fundraise in celebration of an upcoming race to give your training have purpose.  Make your special day count and help us send smiles across the miles during COVID-19!   Become a BSNCF FUNraiser!

Create Your FUNraiser!

Let's get this party started!  It takes just a few minutes to build your BSNCF fundraiser on FACEBOOK or HERE!   Add photos and personalize your campaign with your own custom message!

Invite your friends to the party!

What's a party without guests?  Broadcast your fundraiser!  You could even ask them to join you by participating in the BSNCF Run/Walk in Memorial Day Weekend 2022!  Email us for a special discount code for your group!

Receive the Greatest Gift of All

Receive the greatest gift of all knowing that you helped another person in a time a crisis.  Your random act of kindness means everything.  Thank you for your support!